Your Work, Your
Play, Your Life

Your Work, Your
Play, Your Life

Your Work, Your
Play, Your Life

Your Work, Your
Play, Your Life

Your Work, Your
Play, Your Life

Looking for a Chiropractor in Mustang near Oklahoma City? Mustang Chiropractic Clinic serves Oklahoma City with pain solutions, CALL 405-376-5700 for a convenient physical assessment. Dr. Eric Crane helps relieve back pain, neck soreness, sports injuries and other aches and pains with professional Chiropractic care in Mustang, OK.


Dr. Eric Crane  now operates a solo practice in Mustang Oklahoma and has partnered up with Pete Bullock MD to offer large joint injections, tennis elbow injections, Botox and other aesthetic therapy. With extensive training and knowledge in sports injuries and rehabilitation, Dr. Crane’s clinical focus is on developing the resilience of his patients and athletes and getting them back in the gym or on the field as quickly as possible.  By using new, progressions, he helps his patients not only get back to their daily activities, but better than before.

Applying Physical Therapy Techniques with Athletes at Lindenwood University
Treating Runners at St. Louis GO Marathon
Logan Montgomery Health Center
Surgical Observation medical rotations at Des Peres Hospital in Research on Class IV Laser Therapy​

Dr. Crane works with patients of all ages from infant to 95 years old who
are interested in living pain-free and maintaining an active, healthy,
wellness lifestyle.

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total Therapy
new care package

Mustang Chiropractic offers a  wide variety of chiropractic and medical services.

  • Relaxing Therapy via Roller tables and electronic muscle stimulation
  • Extensive Exam, Xray, and Hands-on Adjusting
  • Concierge Medical Doctor and Botox available
Dr. Bullock’s page


Kathy Brittingham Hiatt

Dr. Crane is awesome!!! Highly recommend his services!! I will definitely make this my regular Chiropractor.

Misty Boomgaarden

Okay, so let me start by saying this. If you have ever been a skeptic of Chiropractic Medicine as I have been for most of my life then it is time for you to give this Dr. a try.

Sara Anderson

Dr. Crane is the best adjustor I've ever had!!! I would recommend him to anyone who has had any kind of back/hip pains!!!!

Cherish Wegge

Hands down Dr. Crane is the best chiropractor I've ever had. Not only is he skillful and knowledgeable but also instructs me on certain exercises I can do to help with my problems and what I can do to help my body inside and out.

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