Bio-freeze Distributor

Like Ice – Only Better

Clinically Proven Cryotherapy Made Convenient

It has been known for decades the healing power and pain reducing qualities cold therapy has on inflammation and musculoskeletal injuries.  Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that uses a patented formula of natural menthol-camphor which is formulated with Ilex, a natural herbal extract which contains antioxidants and amino acids.  Biofreeeze is the number one clinically used topical analgesic in natural health care.

We carry Biofreeze at Mustang Chiropractic in a convenient roll-on applicator as low as $10.

We can order the gels, aerosols and sprays upon request.


The short-term pain relief provided by Biofreeze makes motion easier, which can promote faster, longer-term healing and recovery- at home or on the move.

Simple and Safe
to Use



Vanishing Scent