Chiropractic FAQs

Can Chiropractic help me with back pain?

Chiropractic physicians will treat the cause of your pain, while doctors only address the symptoms that arise from your ailment.

We will evaluate the entire patient with a detailed health history, x-ray, examination, and consultation.  Followed by mechanical traction, relaxing and soothing electric stimulation, and specific, precise chiropractic adjustments and assigned home exercises. We also utilize other forms of therapy like Ultrasound, Chiropractic Massage, E-Stim (electronic-stimulation), Cupping Therapy, Roller Traction Tables, and Exercise Therapy.

How many times do I have to go to my Chiropractor?

Each case if different.  Dr. Crane cannot say from one person to the next how often they may need care.  People are unique, not just in personality, but their bodies.  We all have had different stressors placed upon us in life.  Physical stress-triggers like job functions, a carpenter is going to have a different spine than an accountant, much like a female nurse’s low back pain will be caused by lifting patients out of beds than a college student’s posture-induced upper back pain.  Others may have stress-induced changes, or are affected negatively by side-effects from painkillers or a nutritional deficiency.  For a typical low back pain case, you can expect to see Dr. Crane 2-3 times in a week, with the visits tapering off as time goes by.  You may need to come back from time to time one, two or three months after your acute care plan is complete and you will want to progress to a wellness plan where you come in quarterly for example and get checked and adjusted, which will keep your problem or new ones from re-developing and coming back.

What is “Manual Therapy” in Chiropractor speak?

The difference with a chiropractic approach to a medical approach is based on the belief that there are alternatives to drugs and surgery. One of alternative pain therapies is ‘manual therapy’ like hands on mobility drills, active and passive stretching, vibration, chiropractic massage and electric deep tissue vibration/massage.

While the science of chiropractic adjustments is well-known and the effects are desired by the patient- we can accelerate the rate of healing and improve function by addressing the problem with additional “manual therapy”. This includes putting extremities through range of motion testing and adjusting (knees, elbows, hands, feet, shoulders, hips, for example). Top chiropractic techniques include adhesion releases, cupping therapy, reciprocal inhibition muscle exercises, post-isometric relaxation stretches, manual traction, functional movement testing and more. We have even had success with treating children’s ADD and ADHD. We welcome you to meet some of our satisfied child patients and their parents.

When you come to Mustang Chiropractic, your experience is not like a cattle call, you aren’t just a number to us. Mustang Chiropractic’s Dr. Crane and staff are striving to create a relaxing environment, custom treatments, full spine adjusting and correctional exercises to make you heal faster. Our goal is your health. After visiting Dr. Crane in Oklahoma City, you’ll have the best chance to function at peak levels. Why not work to feel your best and try to get you your life before pain back? Comfortable, functional and back to pre-injury status or peak wellness!