Auto Accident

Dr. Pete Bullock MD

Mustang Chiropractic is pleased to announce Dr. Pete Bullock MD is joining the practice part-time as Medical Director to do concierge medicine, small joint injections, consultations for prescriptions and in the future, cosmetic procedures like Botox.

“I have been in the Mustang area for 11 years since April and I got married in 2005. I have my stepson, Zak, who graduated from Mustang high school in 2011. Jessica and Ryan are in elementary school Mustang. I graduated from OSU in 2003 with a degree in chemical engineering and then OU Medical School in 2007. I graduated from Great Plains family medicine at Integris Baptist in 2010. I enjoy riding motorcycles, watching sports, outdoor activities and spending time with family.

Car Accident Chiropractic Clinic Care

Accidents happen, and they definitely are no fun when they happen to you, or someone close to you.  There aren’t many more things that can happen to a human that are as painful. Muscles and ligaments get strained and stretched in multiple directions and planes of motion and that can change your biomechanics for a lifetime, if left untreated. Many times, people won’t seek immediate treatment for a car accident because the pain may progressively get worse for days or even weeks. The single most-often experienced injury from an auto accident is whiplash.  Whiplash is a term that describes an instant forward and backward (sometimes sideways) action of the head, which hurts to the surrounding muscles, fascia, ligament and soft tissue in the cervical and upper thoracic spine.

It is a very common occurrence to experience pain as late as 5 days after even a minor car accident.  Seat belt injury can occur at the waist-line on the hips, or a friction burn/ strain at the shoulder which is accompanied by neck and shoulder pain.  Sometimes the entire spine will hurt from head to toe including but not limited to the legs, arms, hands and feet.  Knees and wrists are often forgotten about until they begin to ache and swell up to two weeks after an accident.  Other neck injuries are a result of the headrest being too low, which allows the head to creep up and over the headrest, worsening the whiplash effect, and further straining the muscles and ligaments of the cervical spine which causes intense pain and an inability to move.  At Mustang Chiropractic, we can gently adjust the neck or back to stretch the spastic muscles in a manner which can provide instant relief.

Why should I visit Mustang Chiropractic?

You should seek treatment immediately without delay because at Mustang Chiropractic, you get an experienced doctor of chiropractic and a Medical Doctor on staff so both ends of the health care spectrum are covered.  Many patients do not want drugs or surgery and that’s the advantage of having multi-faceted treatment- we can provide a custom treatment plan that works for you, the natural way.  If you want a prescription to speed up the pain management process so you feel normal more quickly, we can do that too.

  • Is car accident care affordable?
  • Nearly all claims are paid for 100% by an insurance company or policy at zero cost.
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After my auto accident, how quickly can I book an appointment?

Usually 1-2 days with same day service available

What if I need an X-Ray after my car accident?

We have X-ray on site and we refer out with options nearby for MRI & CT scans.

Will I receive treatment other than chiropractic for the injury?

Prescription services are provided by an Medical Doctor who is on call and will examine you.

What if I need pain management or orthopedic care?

Between the chiropractor and the M.D. we will determine appropriate, conservative next steps in your care.

You as the victim have the right to choose who and where you are treated for your injuries from an auto accident.  Whether you are from the Oklahoma City metro, or live in a surrounding community, Mustang Chiropractic is a one-stop shop for multiple treatment options.  We employ chiropractic care, allopathic care, therapeutic care and active and passive treatment options like traction, ultrasound, diathermy, e-stim, massage, digital acupuncture, manual therapy, muscle release techniques, stretching and cupping therapy.  If you are looking for a local chiropractor in Mustang to treat your injury, call us today.

Personal Injury and Automobile Accident Care

So you just were in an accident and you are looking up providers on Google- you may not feel too bad right now, and probably thinking you don’t want to get up and go somewhere and go through the whole paperwork process, and a hot shower and ibuprofen will be fine!  This is a big mistake, and one that might have lasting consequences you don’t see now. Mustang Chiropractic agrees with the consensus of doctors regarding the initial 72 hours post-accident are the most important and a instance where treatment can be the most effective! If you were recently hurt in a car accident or other type of occurrence it is of utmost importance to seek professional care at Mustang Chiropractic as soon as possible. Your acute injuries will not heal properly with just time and Band-Aids like over the counter medications, they may feel better eventually, but the damage is done- the scar tissue is laid down by the body and you are permanently changed for the worse if you don’t seek immediate care.

By far the majority of auto accident injury happens at velocities of between 5-13 miles per hour. Your vehicle may not visibly have a lot of damage, but your spine and associated structures could. A soft-tissue injury becomes an everlasting one, as the fibrotic ropy tissue will form between the fascia and muscular structures, between the injured ligaments and bones, and within the muscle itself.  This action leaves the muscle rigid, hard, inflexible and far more prone to future injuries if you wait to get immediate care. Law professionals advise fast action finding professionals like us and our legal friends in the community so you may retain important rights. Get immediate medical treatment; otherwise your benefits could be rejected, ignored or infringed upon.

Usually, these types of accidents and their care will not cost you personally, no matter if it is your fault or if you do not have personal health insurance. Even if you go through the process of examination, x-rays, and treatment and you find out there are no functional or structural problems or deficiencies you will rest easy knowing there was no problem and you can move on with your life with peace of mind.  If you wait until the pain shows up, there’s an old saying that Pain is a terrible party guest, he is the last one to show up, and the last one to leave- waiting a week or more for treatment often means you will have to come more times in the end to resolve an issue, that could have been resolved much sooner.  Do not delay your relief today!

Top 10 Car Accident Factors to Consider

  1. All auto accidents have considerable potential to cause a lifetime of spine and joint disease that will cause acute/chronic pain, degeneration
  2. Not everyone will have immediate effects like pain and discomfort after an accident, and many people will not feel accident-related pain for nearly 2 weeks. WHY? Like snowflakes, we are all unique in our stress reactions to trauma like car accidents. Some will have a much delayed response to the eventual end of pain because it takes the body time to generate all the inflammatory chemicals and mediators that tell the body there is a problem.  Other patients will self-treat with over the counter and prescription medication for those two weeks, and the pain may leave but the problem and injury remains untreated.  This Band-Aid approach is why these same people have the lifelong limitations because of the scar tissue that has formed in and around moving structures because the body knows it is still injured.
  3. Putting off the exam and treatment can cause the insurance adjustor to deny your claim for a litany of reasons. Do not delay this decision and subsequent action.  Your choosing to treat yourself is not an option for them to send in for a claim. They don’t care about how you feel or if you heal properly; the more unscrupulous they claims adjustor is the more they prefer you wait because they save money denying your claim, and make money by doing so.
  4. Take lots of photos of the accident and yourself immediately after it happens. Also the other cars or people on the scene.  Don’t leave it to the police or insurance company. You may not have damage on your property or vehicle, but the impact forces shown will help the claims adjustor determine the impact forces in the accident.  Feelings are usually hurt and pain is experienced but you can’t quantify pain and suffering easily, so take pictures of everything you can to prove your case.  Also make sure you get a police report.
  5. When you do get treatment, make sure it is steady and consistent without big gaps in time between visits.  The insurance company will take every avenue possible to deny claims, and do not have to follow the law. They make their own rules and if they feel you didn’t do your part in receiving the care they are paying for, they can try to say you really weren’t injured, and deny your claim or pay far less for your treatment. If the aforementioned happens, not even the best lawyer can help you at that point.
  6. If you are getting treatment from another doctor, and not improving, get a second opinion. Here at Mustang Chiropractic, we will refer you to another professional in our network if you are not getting better.
  7. Will your auto or health insurance premium increase if you make a claim?  Perhaps. Know this, if the local police are there, your car accident will appear on your record anyway. Auto insurance premiums usually aren’t affected on a micro level which your individual accident is causing an increase in your monthly premium.  Usually premium rates are yearly due to the amount of losses the insurance company suffers.  If they pay many claims that calendar year, the following year they will increase rates even if you did not make a claim that year.
  8. Do not attempt handling all of this information alone. Each patient that has ever tried has failed miserably. The insurance companies hope for ignorance, and are not helpful in guiding you on how to get them to pay for things… Let us ensure a positive outcome because we have done it so many times before with great success.
  9. Be wary in signing any check intended for your medical expenses. Lots of patients have been fooled by this trick in the past and shortchanged themselves financially and physically as they could not afford to pay for the care out of pocket. Most of my patients are able to resolve the car damages aside from their medical care. If you have any legal questions, make sure you ask a qualified attorney or ask to be put in contact with one in our network.
  10. You only get ONE SPINE.  It is your own, and you must take care of it.  Your skeletal system houses your nervous system. You cannot replace your spine, there’s no app for that! Please, as a final word, take your injury from an auto accident very seriously because there is damage you cannot see, feel, or know the longstanding impact of.  Whether you are in pain or not, come and let us help you at Mustang Chiropractic because we want you to recover quickly so we can help that many more people.
    • Mustang Chiropractic Clinic can treat accident victims of all types including pregnant women, children, and the handicapped or disabled.
    • Limited Conversational Spanish Communication available

Whiplash Chiropractic Care Oklahoma City

Whiplash as a result of a car accident can be extremely painful. Neck injuries can be treated with surgery or pain killers, but Mustang Chiropractic offers low-stress chiropractic alternatives. If you were in an auto accident in Oklahoma City, you may need a chiropractor. Whiplash happens when your head and neck are thrown front to back, or back and forth, just like when someone ‘cracks the whip’. Most auto accidents happen when one car hits another in the rear, the next thing you know, you are being whipped front to back, and may result. This is two injuries at once, whiplash is a hyper-flexion, then a hyper-extension injury, being bent too far in both planes of motion, forward and backward. This means you experience a comprehensive injury and a strain injury within milliseconds of each other, which is why auto accidents, even as slow as 10 mph, can cause painful lasting damage. Of course, you can also get whiplash from sports injuries, home accidents, physical abuse, falls, and amusement park accidents. Dr. Crane has treated auto accidents, roller coaster injuries, home falls, and many other freak accidents and will determine if he can help you too!

Many people in Oklahoma City who have been involved in an accident don’t even realize they have a whiplash injury until weeks or months later when pain is persistent and other issues rear their head. If your neck has been injured in a car accident or driving situation, this article you will better understand whiplash injuries and how Mustang Chiropractic can help you relieve pain and treat your neck injury. Multiple treatment modalities will be used to do our very best to get you to per-injury status and they include, mechanical traction roller tables, e-stim, ultrasound, chiropractic adjustments, stretching, manual therapy, cupping, Graston, K-Tape, vibration and spinal decompression.

Are there Chiropractors in Oklahoma City who help with auto accidents and whiplash?

When the neck is thrown back to front during a car accident, or when playing contact sports such as football, or from a battery or other physical trauma, a number of things can happen to the spine and surrounding soft tissue. Whiplash describes the initial impact, but the results can include:

Low back strains and sprains Stretched and injured or irritated nerves
Seat Belt Injuries to the waist or neck Numbness and/or tingling in the hands legs and feet
Disc problems like bulges or herniations Strained ligaments and muscles of the neck
Subluxations (misalignments of vertebrae in the spine) Cranial Injuries
Traumatic injury to bones

Whiplash injuries can range from mild to very severe. Injuries tend to be more significant when the headrest was positioned too low, which allows the neck to hyper-extend and strained backward. If the impact was quite severe or the headrest was low there is the possibility that bones are broken or tissue is damaged and it is urgent you receive a thorough examination and x-rays. Even if the impact seemed mild, you may have whiplash if you are have any of the following symptoms:

Neck pain Dizziness or vertigo
Shoulder soreness Fatigue low engergy
Upper back or radiating arm pain Numbness or tingling in the arms, hands and/or feet
Headache Ringing in the ears
Blurry vision Insomnia
Pain when trying to turn your head Depression
Inability to bend or rotate the head fully High Blood Pressure due to pain


Clearly there are a wide array of symptoms, and not all of them may be traced or correlated to the whiplash event. Even if you have been cleared by a medical doctor, your pain and suffering could still be related to whiplash and you may need manual therapy to correct the problem, especially if you want to avoid surgery and hate taking pills. If you have recently been injured it’s important to get your spine checked by a chiropractor in Mustang, as soon as possible. The sooner that you start treating the cause of your pain, the less chance you have of it developing into a long term, chronic problem.  Sweden did a 7 year study on neck and shoulder pain after an auto accident, and it showed a three times increase in people with neck and shoulder pain- 7 years after an auto accident had reported whiplash, versus those who had not reported a whiplash event, at the time of the collision. (Berglund et al, The association between exposure to a rear-end collision and future neck or shoulder pain- Cohort Study 2000)

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Because the majority of whiplash injuries impact the spine as well as nearby nerves and muscle, chiropractic is the thinking person’s first preferred option for treatment. Chiropractic doctors are skilled in assessing the source of the pain associated with a whiplash injury and making a plan for effective, immediate treatment without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic treatments are gentle and non-invasive. Through precise adjustments, gentle stretching and passive induced range of motion- people find terrific relief from the pain and symptoms associated with whiplash, and are shown the road to wellness and per-injury status. Call our team at Mustang Chiropractic today to discover how a chiropractor in Mustang can help you recover from your accident.  Thanks in advance for trusting us with your care.  Your referrals are our greatest compliment!