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Chiropractic care is a safe, effective, and natural way to ease any pain in your body and improve your overall health, which is why nearly 22 million Americans seek out chiropractic care every year. The dedicated team at Mustang Chiropractic, led by Eric Crane, DC, provide exceptional chiropractic care to the community of Mustang, Oklahoma. To learn more about how Mustang Chiropractic can improve your quality of life with chiropractic care, request an appointment today by calling the office or booking online.

Chiropractic Care

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is an area of medicine that treats disorders involving the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, and the general health issues that result from those systems being compromised. 

Chiropractic treatments operate on the premise that a healthy body is the result of a properly functioning nervous system. When that nervous system is not functioning properly, it can lead to pain, sickness, and overall poor health. When the providers at Mustang Chiropractic perform corrective chiropractic care on your musculoskeletal system, they restore proper function to your nervous system and help your body heal without the need for surgery or medication.

Many chiropractic treatments also involve counseling for nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation to optimize your overall health and prevent future injuries.

What are chiropractic adjustments?

Chiropractic adjustments separate chiropractic from other medical professions. They’re hands-on, manual adjustments of your musculoskeletal system that correct your alignment using high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) impulses or thrusts to free up joints that have lost their range of motion.  

There might be an audible release of gas from the joint that releases pressure on the joint, like when you crack your knuckles. Chiropractic manipulations are typically followed by a noticeable sensation of relief.

Mustang Chiropractic sets itself apart from other chiropractic clinics by using digital X-rays in conjunction with their adjustments so that your treatments are incredibly precise. 

What conditions can chiropractic treat?

The full spine acute adjusting that Mustang Chiropractic offers can treat a wide range of medical conditions, such as:

  • Subluxation, or misaligned vertebrae
  • Back pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Migraine headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Injuries from sports and auto accidents
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

By getting your body in proper alignment and restoring maximum function to your nervous system, chiropractic manipulations can not only relieve acute pain but can also improve your overall health.

What other chiropractic treatments do you offer?

Some of the other chiropractic treatments Mustang Chiropractic offers include:

Mechanical traction

Mechanical traction involves laying down on an intersegmental traction table or roller table, which is a surface that relaxes your muscles and induces passive flowing motions into your spine. The intersegmental tables at Mustang Chiropractic can vibrate and accommodate hot/cold packs, and can sometimes even induce passive adjustments just by lying down on them. 


With ultrasound therapy, the team at Mustang Chiropractic waves an ultrasound transducer head over any area of your body where you’re experiencing pain. The transducer head produces sound energy that gives your trouble spots a micro-massage with neural, physiological, chemical, mechanical, and thermal benefits. 

Therapeutic exercises

Mustang Chiropractic offers high-quality physical therapy to help patients rehabilitate their musculoskeletal systems by increasing range of motion, developing strength endurance, and enhancing flexibility. 

Schedule your visit with Mustang Chiropractic today by calling the office or booking an appointment online, and discover lifetime care and wellness with truly exceptional chiropractic care.