Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis

Mustang chiropractic clinic uses some of the latest and greatest software applications to analyze your posture and mobility.  These postural problems are also addressed with web exercises to correct the postural deficiencies. We take before and after photos like the ones shown here to demonstrate your static posture and how different you appear after just one adjustment.

Here is Dr. Crane’s chiropractic assistant Madison- as you can see, her neck is pitched very far forward, her knees are in front of the hips, and somehow her ankles are behind the hips as a compensation.  This is not correct posture according to health experts.  For proper spinal alignment, your neck should be in a graceful reverse curve, with the earhole lined up with the center of the shoulder , your knees should be straight with your hips, and your ankles should in line with the knee and hip so your body weight is evenly distributed.

Madison did not have much lower back pain, but she is young and her crooked bone structure would eventually catch up to her; she demonstrates the common text-neck posture seen in her millennial age group from too much time looking down at devices. Neck pain, back spasms, even an uneven leg length can result if not corrected.  After just one month of adjusting her once per week, the difference in Madison’s posture and bone structure is astonishing.  You too can relieve back pain or neck soreness with minor adjustments by Dr. Crane at Mustang Chiropractic.

Check Dr. Crane’s blog for more information on back pain remedies, postural correction, our proactive healthcare software, before/after photos and more healthy tips!  Dr. Crane specializes in corrective care and fixing the epidemic levels of I-posture or “text neck” from overuse of mobile and Internet devices.  Children can get relief from neck pain, spinal pain, bed wetting and break their bad patterns to set them up to grow into more functional beings. Time is of the essence, after the age of 17-18 it is Too Late.  Call us to schedule a free consultation today 405-476-5700.

Children's Chiropractic

Dr. Crane loves working with children because they respond so fast to treatment. Children need chiropractic care as much or more than anyone. When children are growing their body’s joints and bones are very fluid. A simple trauma like falling down the stairs, or off a trampoline, or even a kid’s bike can give your child a subluxation. A subluxation can make your child have functional or structural deficits. This means “less than a dislocation” and has neurological and physical effects that may not be immediately evident. It is very important not to wait to get your child adjusted after an injury or reported symptoms because after 14 days, the body thinks it is permanently injured and will start laying down scar tissue to stabilize and permanently glue the area together in order to make it stable. This can lead to a lifetime of dysfunction and is completely avoidable. Maybe your child just doesn’t feel well, is hyperactive, has an eye twitch, a head tilt, a high shoulder on one side…these are all evidence of a potential subluxation that can be easily corrected without drugs or surgery.

The body’s neurological system has two functions, the BRAKE and the GAS.

Most body functions that happen rarely are driven by the brake- the parasympathetic nervous system, in that, one doesn’t want those functions to happen under conscious and unconscious control (e.g. defecation, urination, orgasm.) These structures are located in the upper cervical spine and in the sacral spine.

The other nervous system highway is the GAS, the sympathetic nervous system…responsible for fight and flight.  This GAS is located in the thoracic spine.

Sometimes conditions like bedwetting can be attributed to a sacral tubercle that has subluxated posteriorly, as a child’s sacrum is in pieces until they are a teenager.  This can put pressure on the sacral nerve plexus and cause bedwetting episodes.

Other children may bang their forehead because their neck is out of alignment at the top of the cervical spine and they are unconsciously trying to beat the bones back into place.

The neatest part about children is their before and after pictures, the difference is almost always immediate and evident!  Call us today to get your child checked, it might be the best decision you ever made for your child’s health and wellness.

Testimonials about Children's Chiropractic

Deanne Branch October 6, 2016 I was a serious skeptic about chiropractic for any reason, but after visiting Dr. Crane, I'm convinced. He really took the time to explain things and answer all of my questions and I feel better than I have in a very long time! I also recently started bringing my children in for help with ADHD and anxiety. We've tried many kinds of therapy and medication with varying degrees of success. After one adjustment, my son has had the best week of school he has had the entire school year and he hasn't been in trouble 1 time this week! Nothing else we have done has had such a quick or dramatic impact. Dr. Crane was wonderful with my kids, too. He's very gentle and patient with them and explains what he's doing in a way they can understand. The office staff are extremely helpful and friendly as well. I can't recommend them highly enough!
Ms. Stephanie Kippes January 22 , 2015 “Dr. Crane is awesome! I was telling him about my son that wets the bed. He told me that he may need to be adjusted. I thought ‘what would it hurt’. I had Dr. Crane adjust him and seven months later he hasn't wet the bed yet! I was amazed that the adjustment worked as Dr Crane told me it would. Thank you Dr. Crane!”

Physical Therapy

Do you need physical therapy for your back pain, a knee soreness, or sports-related injury? Dr. Eric Crane opened Mustang Chiropractic Clinic just outside Oklahoma City to treat people with all types of injuries. Stretching, adjustments, isometrics, light weight training and other exercises under the professional care of Dr. Crane and his team of experts at Mustang Chiropractic. Here is a testimonial from our patient Kim who has hip pain due to running.


The 2016 Olympics brought cupping for muscle soreness and sports related pain into popular culture. Cupping is an old and one of the most visible techniques our Olympians are using to recover and heal from sports-related pain and injuries.

Cupping is a way doctors can treat patients and can be used in conjunction with dry needling and or acupuncture. Cupping draws blood to an area to stimulating healing in the process. It is effective at stretching skin tissue and muscles so the body will naturally heal the area of pain. Cupping helps your pain area develop fresh blood flow and promotes anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body to react.

Cupping on the skin is an ancient form of alternative therapy in which a medical professional puts special “cups” on your skin’s outer surface for a short time to draw blood to the surface or area afflicted. People apply cupping for many purposes, including to help with soreness, pain, inflammation, better circulation, relaxation and general health care. Some chiropractors use cupping as an alternative to deep-tissue massage.

Mustang Chiropractic offers cupping treatment to help you recover faster as an athlete! Applying cups to the skin, cupping can be used on nearly any condition. Call us today for a cupping session, therapy and adjustment today. 376-5700

Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Many different muscle relaxation techniques are employed for patients at Mustang Chiropractic. We believe in addressing the soft tissue components are just as important as adjusting the spine in order for full healing and well-being of the patient.

Some of the best practices in chiropractic techniques our Mustang pain relief clinic uses, are the following:


  1. Ischemic Compression.
  2. Post-Isometric Relaxation.
  3. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Release (PNF).
  4. Transverse friction massage.
  5. Graston Technique.
  6. Powerful Electric ProMassage.
  7. Active Crane Release Technique.

Please tell Dr. Crane how much pressure you prefer and/or how sensitive you are before treatment if you know you have issues with pain, bruising or sensitivity when receiving treatment on your soft tissue complaints.  Dr. Crane will always use the utmost care and not do any un-necessary treatment.

Sports Related Injuries

Each sport like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and even Horseback Riding can end up in a sports injury.  Mustang Chiropractic Clinic prides itself in working with athletes on their pain and understanding the sports in which you play specifically. By specializing in athletic injuries, pain, soreness and rehabilitation, Dr. Crane excels with the treatment of athletes.

Exercise Education

Are you stay fit by getting on a regular exercise routine? Do you want to lose weight without a lengthy workout regimen? Looking for alternatives to going to the gym or want help with exercising at your home or office? The sports medicine professionals at Mustang Chiropractic Clinic near Oklahoma City can help you achieve your exercising goals. We are ex-athletes, but this doesn’t mean you have to be!


Botox can be used for sweating, pain, and various cosmetic applications.

Dr. Pete Bullock will soon be doing Botox treatments and Concierge Medicine at Mustang Chiropractic Clinic.  There are several applications for Botox including cosmetic and therapeutic use. Dr. Bullock has wanted to work with a Mustang Chiropractor for some time, and partnered up with Dr. Crane to continue to help his patients in the community.

Call us today if you have an interest in Botox, seeing Dr. Bullock or checking availability.