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Calm for stress relief

Have you heard of this new product for relaxation or the treatment of stress?

Magnesium has a major role in hundreds of processes in the body, including digestion, energy production, muscle formation, cell division, activating B and D vitamins, muscle relaxation, as well as assisting the brain, kidneys, heart, adrenals and nerves.

Magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxer, and first affects the intestines, which is why some people stop taking magnesium as a supplement because they perceive it gives them diarrhea. It does not give a person diarrhea, but it does help to relax smooth muscle tissue quickly, and we have a 28 foot smooth muscle in our digestive system! Magnesium helps relax skeletal muscle by affecting the muscle spindle which is a smooth muscle and controls the length and tone of said muscle.

A lack of magnesium can negatively influence some or many of these processes at the same time! If you do not have adequate levels of this essential mineral in your diet or supplementation program, the its likely you are suffering from one of the following:

Stress Abnormal heart rhythms
Low energy Headaches
Fatigue/weakness Anxiousness
PMS Nervousness
Inability to sleep Irritability
Muscle tension Constipation
Muscle spasms and cramps High Blood Pressure


Calcium and Magnesium are two sides of a different coin.

Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down.

  • Calcium makes muscles contract and get shorter, while magnesium makes them relax and get longer.  Calcium is also needed for blood clotting while magnesium helps to keep the blood flowing freely. Calcium and magnesium 2 sides of a different coin.
  • If a person does not have enough magnesium in their body, nerve cells cannot send or receive messages as well as they should and can become excitable and reactive.  This can make a person very stressed, sensitive and nervous.  These feelings can also manifest as irritability, depression, anxious, inability to relax or insomnia.
  • Magnesium is REQUIRED for thousands of enzyme-based reactions in the human body, and without plenty of free Magnesium floating around, these reactions take place at a less efficient rate, or don’t happen at all. Magnesium is essential for peak health and wellness.
  • Excess calcium can cause bones to be stiff and hard which is good, but also depletes magnesium in the body and can cause calcifications to occur in soft tissue where they are not wanted. This calcification can translate as stiff motion and is a problem when it occurs in heart and artery tissues. Magnesium doesn’t accumulate in the body like calcium, the excess simply passes through, the body will take what it needs. So don’t panic if magnesium makes you loose! The benefits far outweigh the extra reading time. After you get these levels up and your aches and pains subside, you can continue to keep taking magnesium a few to several times a week to continue living pain free, relaxed and CALM!

We sell CALM here at Mustang Chiropractic – an ionic form of magnesium that is engineered to be highly absorbable.  Ask us for more details on your visit!

Normal cells have 10,000 times the amount of Calcium than they do magnesium.  When the amount of magnesium falls in the cell, the ion channels open up and calcium floods the cell, causing contraction and painful muscle cramping.  Muscles desperately desire magnesium so they can relax!

Standard Process

“The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods”

Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process

Patients come to Mustang Chiropractic for many reasons such as stress, fatigue, digestion issues, and hormonal health just to name a few. All of their complaints have a nutritional component.

These days, people find themselves eating a litany of products that are manufactured, processed, man-made, artificial and refined with little nutritional value. Everyone knows deep down inside they do not eat as healthy as they should. They know they aren’t getting the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that help the body work at peak function and maintain good health. All of these patients would benefit from supplementing their diet with specific, focused health care products to bridge this nutritional gap.

Where can I get Standard Process in Oklahoma City? Mustang Chiropractic carries Standard Process vitamins, which are the most organic vitamin and supplements on Earth. They utilize state of the art technology with certified organic farming on their own farms to produce the highest quality supplements on the market today. They have their own certified organic farms in Wisconsin where they grow 100% organic raw materials for ingredients in their products. Everything from seed to soil, irrigation, weed control, pollination, composting and environmental buffers are all utilized with the utmost care to ensure the raw materials that come from these farms are pure and completely fit for clinical human nutrition.

Just some of the products from Standard Nutrition we carry at Mustang Chiropractic are


Standard Process’s excellent and affordable multivitamin supplement

Drenamin – Adrenal Support

Good for stressed-out, busy people


start from scratch with a 2 week fresh food cleanse


Ask Dr. Crane or Stacey for a Standard Process Systems Survey which is a symptom questionnaire that will tell us specifically which areas you may be deficient in and what direction to take on custom supplementation. We also have a relationship with DLO labs to get blood and allergy testing done, or any other issue we may need testing for.

B-12 injections

Are you constantly tired? Needing a nap in the afternoon? Just not feeling any pep or get up and go? You may need to supplement with B-12. Oklahoma is one of the states which allow chiropractors to do injectable nutrients. Dr. Crane is certified and is happy to offer B12 to boost your energy or supplement your vitamin B12. Soon other injectable nutrients will be available at Mustang Chiropractic.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found states almost half of the population have B 12 at or below the low end of normal. A blood test may indicate that your B12 levels are normal, but you may not feel normal. What are the foods that are high in B12? Good food sources of B12 are eggs, meat, and dairy-related foods. People who don’t regularly eat those foods are at an elevated risk, like vegetarians for example.

B12 supports thousands of different cellular processes, but the most important are cellular respiration and cell division- the very thing that keeps you young and feeling alive! If your cells cannot get a proper level of oxygen in the environment, they are unable to remove toxins and sometimes can switch the physiology altogether of the surrounding tissue, like muscle. Trigger points develop because of a lack of respiration, the body switches to anaerobic respiration and the byproduct is lactic acid. That is why a trigger point hurts when you push on it, it is literally leaking acid on the surrounding tissues because it cannot properly “breathe”. Vitamin B 12 can help your energy and your body’s cell respiration and cellular division.